FMV: “Compassion, recognition of the suffering of others will lead us to forgiveness and reconciliation”

The “Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante”, FMV, is paving the way towards effective reconciliation, especially through young Burundian refugees, through the teaching of the “painful but instructive past”. In the execution of the project “Truth telling, community dialogue and human rights educational program”, the FMV organized an exchange workshop in Continuer

Genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda: FMV appreciates the recognition of four memorials on the UNESCO World Heritage List

The four sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List are the sites of Nyamata, Murambi, Gisozi and Bisesero, UNESCO said. These four sites commemorate the massacres which bloodied Rwanda for around a hundred days between April and July 1994, targeting the Tutsi ethnic group and which claimed more than 1 Continuer

The FMV advocates for the emergence of the truth and inter-community dialogue

The NGO “Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante, FMV” (Forum for Vigilant Memory) is conducting a project “Truth telling, community dialogue and Human Rights Educational program” under the funds of International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. The activity is carried out in the burundian refugee community, living in Rwanda. The first Continuer

World Refugee Day : Agriculture and livestock farming in Muhanga to fight against hunger in the families of Burundian refugees

The originality of this article is published by the online newspaper Almost all the Burundian refugees who live in Muhanga, one of the districts of the southern province of Rwanda which shelters more than 700 burundian refugees, say that they left their country, Burundi, in 2015, during the riots Continuer