The Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante, FMV in acronym, is a non-governmental organization active in education against crimes and humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable populations such as refugees, internally displaced persons, returnees and most vulnerable immigrants as a result of crimes or conflict.

Our Values

Areas of intervention


Many refugees and internally displaced persons, who have experienced traumatic events, have clinical sequelae that need to be dealt with. Those refugees witnessed massacres, summary executions, tortures, rapes ... and they are in a precarious ....


The Forum pour la Memoire Vigilante "FMV" helps refugees and immigrants to transfer from the vulnerability stage to the stage of contributing to the development of society, which makes easier the integration into ....


The Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante (FMV) helps refugees and displaced persons to access health care through awareness activities, advocacy and the implementation of local social structures amongst refugees. These activities are intended to ...


In the country of origin where refugees were born and lived until the day they decided to go into exile, crimes, torture, imprisonment, looting, theft, etc. are often commonplace. Hence, refugees need legal support to deal with ...

Message from the Legal Representative

Following the most absolute crime, mass crimes, wars and conflicts, the population is forced to flee. Exiled or internally displaced, the population needs humanitarian assistance in all areas of life. The Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante "FMV" has contributed in the humanitarian assistance of the most vulnerable populations which are refugees, internally displaced, and the most vulnerable immigrants due to crimes or conflicts. The Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante "FMV" carries out its actions in the areas: medical, legal and psycho-social. Given its mission, its role to play in society or humanitarian aid goes beyond activities already realized or in progress in the field. The Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante "FMV" has acquired a moral duty through its assistance in firming up resilience. The FMV is today capable of promoting human rights and can become an important interlocutor of organizations and institutions working in the field of refugees, internally displaced persons or returnees as well as the most vulnerable immigrants, following crimes or conflicts. It is a great honor for us to express our gratitude to all the natural and legal persons who were involved in our initiative, our projects or who have helped us with their material support and moral commitment. Very high consideration
Ferdinand Ndayiragije
Legal Representative

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