Specialist in Journalism and social communication, content manager. Senior Broadcast-Multimedia Journalist, Info-Communications Strategist, Content Manager, SOJO (Solution Journalism), FactChecker & OSINT.

He is in charge of the FMV Communications.  FMV Site Web and Platforms’ Manager

Pierre Claver Niyonkuru is a Journalist by profession, with an active experience of more than fifteen years in the profession. He works for several media including the  https://www.radiyoyacuvoa.com  Voice Of America

Focus: Human Rights Issues, International Justice, Investigative Reports, Refugee Crisis, and Solution Journalism.

He is interested and works closely with the International Criminal Court, ICC, on cases involving the Central Africa Division.

In November-December 2022, he followed Audiences/Hearings at the ICC in The Hague, on the trials of the ex-rebels from Central African Republic, Sudan, DR Congo, Uganda and Ivory Cost as well as following the case on countries under ICC Investigations like Burundi.

He has undergone several training courses on the processing of judicial reports. He is a Judicial Journalist Reporter before the East African Court of Justice https://www.eacj.org and African Court on Humans and Peoples’ Rights https://www.african-court.org/wpafc/ all based in Arusha in Tanzania.

Specialist in Journalism, social communication and mass advocacy, content manager. Pierre Claver Niyonkuru is Activist for Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Non Violent Communication and International Humanitarian Law.

Journalist in Exile since 2015 because of his profession of Journalism.

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