Defender of human rights since leaving university in Burundi where she obtained a degree in law in 2005, Kanyambo Alice has from then been involved in human rights defense associations. She provided legal and judicial assistance to refugees, internally displaced people, marginalized groups and returnees within the Association des Femmes Juristes du Burundi (AFJB), she worked with the Observation Ineza Des Droits de l’Enfant du Burundi (OIDEB) where she assumed the monitoring and protection of the rights of children and women, and within the Action Humanitaire contre la Deliquence (AHD), Kanyambo Alice participated in the social and economic reintegration of vulnerable young people, likely to fall into delinquency.

Since January 2018, Kanyambo Alice is a Director of the Protection Program within the Forum pour la Memoire Vigilante (FMV), which takes into account the needs of the most vulnerable refugees, displaced persons, returnees and immigrants to save their lives, reduce their suffering, then helps them move from the stage of vulnerability to the stage of contributor to the development of society.

Kanyambo Alice is also responsible for providing legal support to the most vulnerable refugees, displaced persons, returnees and immigrants who face or have faced childhood crimes, who suffer or have suffered torture, imprisonment, looting and theft, etc. The Legal support includes the provision of information, advice, and legal representation relating to protection issues.

Kanyambo Alice also participates in the creation of a context that protects children’s rights, notably through the supervision of young refugees during the holidays in order to create among these young people a feeling of belonging and acceptance as well as the development and management of projects that ensure the resilience of refugees, to prevent their involvement in theft, war crimes, crimes of genocide or in crimes against humanity.

Kanyambo Alice manages a micro pig breeding project for an association of Burundian refugee families living in Muhanga. The objectives of this project are the financial empowerment and resilience of families who are members of the association, and the creation of a framework of solidarity between members.