More than 20 members of the Forum pour la Mémoire Vigilante, FMV, have been trained on research and peacebuilding.

This session was made possible by the British NGO AEGIS-TRUST which fights against the genocide and the expansion of its ideology in Rwanda and in the sub-region.

According to AEGIS-TRUST, educating refugees for peace is not an easy task. “This is a category of people who are always in a difficult situation. The crisis has still effects on their daily life but also on their physique “said Mr Apolo Gahongayire, one of the trainers.

However, this is a category that needs more attention, he added. “They must be integrated into the Rwandan society and as this education for peace is provided to Rwandans, Burundian refugees should not be spared because they are hosted in Rwanda. Then they are the ones who understand more the price of peace of the moment that they do not have and they are determined to save it once it is installed “, insists Gahongayire.

Same story on the side of the participants in this training.

“It is not easy for us to build peace while we are still in exile, because sometimes we think of revenge. But we need to carry the torch of peace and reconciliation, “suggests Eric, one of the participants.

His compatriot is not far from this path. “If we return to bad ideas of revenge, how would we be different from our oppressors?” She wonders before adding that this training is of a paramount importance for her because she has the duty to consolidate peace and fight against any genocidal ideology.

Among these students in the class of peace, men of rights. “First of all, I must familiarize myself with the society I live in so as not to be in conflict with the national law. And then, I already know the harmful consequences of the war whether it is on the side of its perpetrators or its victims. No one is immune. From a legal point of view, I can never be indifferent to the sufferings and ills of others and therefore this training session is timely “says one of them.

The FMV legal representative emphasized that “this training is a kind of food of spirit to arm itself against the enemies of peace”. Ferdinand Ndayiragije is very convinced that “never will malicious people have a say in a peace-loving society”.

This training session is the second of its kind given to Burundian refugees. The first category came from the Mahama refugee camp.

FMV members were made up of parents, educators and opinion leaders to influence and impact their field and area of ​​intervention.

AEGIS-TRUST is always open to anyone who wants to be trained to carry the torch of peace.

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