Actress and playwright since high school, Jeanine Niyoyankunze is an author-composer of plays. From the University of Burundi, Jeanine Niyoyankunze has written playsof theater including: « The Sin Confessed » in 2002 and « In the Amazon » in 2004.

In 2008, Jeanine Niyoyankunze publicly presented her final university work entitled : « Analyse Syntaxique et lexico-sémantique du discours politique du Président Bagaza prononcés en dates des premiers Mai (1977-1986). » After university, Jeanine Niyoyankunze, is committed to human rights organizations.

Jeanine Niyoyankunze has been Director of Languages and Cultures Programs at the Forum pour Mémoire Vigilante (FMV) since 2019. The department is interested in the needs of refugees, displaced people,returnees and immigrants to facilitate a better understanding of their interlocutors. Inher role as Director of Languages and Cultures Programs, Jeanine Niyoyankunze is alsoresponsible for the development of human values and skills : love, respect and above all the social integrity of the different components. « Stop Discriminating Me », is a pure illustration of this, tolerance, compassion of the population through theatrical plays, films etc. the offer of languages and culture program includes knowledge and understanding of instruments and tools allowing the contribution of the organization in the country and in the region for acommunication and education more effective in various ways. Jeanine Niyoyankunze is the author and composer of the plays : Fake friends (2014), The Nativity of Jesus (2017), The Passion of Jesus (2018) and films: Stop Discriminating Me (2021), Nora the Brave (2023).